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Portable Fire Pump 275 Lpm

Portable Fire Pump 275 Lpm - Brand Of SAFETY FIRST & SAFETY FIRE

SPECIFICATION of ITEM: As per IS 942 – 1982 (Reaffirmed 2005)


  • (aa)   Light Weight Heavy duty Portable Fire Pump for the purpose of fire fighting /   rescue operations. Exhaust priming centrifugal pump with dual carrying handles     capable of discharging water at least at rate of 275 LPM, having a pumping capacity of      not less than 4 Kgf/cm².
  • (ab)   Pump shall be capable of lifting the water from 3 mtr in not more than 1 min and      shall be fully automatic.
  • (ac)   The pump should have efficient cooling system to permit the pump to run      continuously for Two hours
  • (ad)   Twin starter type (self starter and manual eqpt starter). Easy to start by one      person.
  • (aa) Type : Centrifugal, bolted to Engine.
  • (ab) Casting : Anodized Aluminum.
  • (ac) Impeller : Aluminium Impeller. Engine’s vertical shaft serves as pump shaft, protected against corrosion by a bronze      sleeve.

Water resistant air cleaner and muffler.

  • (aa) Air cooled Net Power 10-12 HP or more, 4 Stroke Engine.
  • (ab) Recoil starter with handle.
  • (ac) Water resistant, Solid state Ignition.
  • (ad) Engine should be marked with manufacture serial number.
  • (ae) Unleaded Petrol Operated.
  • (af) Minimum 1 years parts and service warranty (comprehensive).
  • (ag) Compression release valve for easier starts.

(aa) Capacity and performance appropriate for continuous run for at least 2 hour.

(aa) It shall be of a cradle design made of tubular steel and provided with anti vibration coils / pads.

  • (aa) Metal Strainer 75mm dia - 01 No
  • (ab) Basket Strainer - 01 No
  • (ac) Suction Hose 4.5m with Coupling 75mm - 01 No
  • (ad) Branch Pipe - 01 No
  • (ae) Delivery Hose (100 feet) - 01 No with Adjustable nozzles with 63mm female coupling
  • (af) Battery – 01 (12 volts & 35 Ampere) of Exide, Amaron, Luminous & Su – Kam)

Each pump set shall be clearly and permanently marked with the fallowing information.

  • (aa) Manufactures name or trade mark.
  • (ab) Type of engine and pump.
  • (ac) The output of pump in 4 min.
  • (ad) Weight of pump set.
  • (ae) Year of manufacture.
  • (af) Instruction for operation of pump.

Total weight of the unit with fuel shall not exceed 110 kgs.