Spray System


A Water Spray System, for Fire Protection a different variant of Fire Sprinkler System. Such a system is used in places where fire is likely to rapidly spread out of control, within a short duration. Examples of such places, where Water Spray System, for Fire Protection are required are; Transformers, LPG bullets and Combustible fuels.

It depends on the type of system, equipment or inflammable liquid, in use. If however, you are using any substance that are highly inflammable, combustible or catch fire and spread quickly. This system is a mandate for you.

Let us take an example to be more specific and clear. In an oil cooled transformer, the oil is likely to catch fire after a certain temperate is exceeded and instantly the entire transformer will catch fire and burn from all sides; even though the transformer is made up of metal. To avoid this, kind fire, we use Water Spray System. Here, there may be multiple metal rings of detectors, a detector is nothing but a temperature sensing element. This detector ring is placed next to the most likely sots where the temperature is about to exceed or fire is about to take place. Also the, entire transformer is surrounded by multiple sprays, at multiple levels. A spray is nothing, but a sprinkler without the temperature sensing, bulb.When the fire does take place, the detector ring detects this; and gives the signal to the deluge valve or all the sprinkler surrounding the transformer to start all at once. Hence the entire transformer is flushed with water, to cool it down.

There are two variants of Water Spray System, for Fire Protection :

  1. High Velocity Water Spray Systems (HVWS).
  2. Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems (MVWS).

High Velocity Water Spray Systems (HVWS).

A High Velocity Water Spray System is installed to suppress fires involving liquids above 65 degree celcius or high flash points. It works on three basic principles of fire extinguishing which are emulsification, cooling and smothering which results in rapid suppression of fire within seconds. It has specifically designed nozzles that are in accordance to the area to be protected, water flow and shape of the spray. It is capable to reach the burning oil surface through penetration in the flame zone. Our products is widely used for transformers, turbo alternators, oil filled equipment, oil quenching tanks and more.


  • Entire equipment is flooded with water to extinguish fire without causing any damage.
  • Rapid response and action towards fire.
  • Fire loss is minimum as the area surrounding fire gets cooled due to water.
  • Environment friendly and less expensive.

Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems (MVWS).

A Medium Velocity Water Spray System comprises a network of open spray nozzles which are connected with a specific deflector to ensure required angle to disperse water around the area affected by fire. This spray system discharges a special cone of water spray including medium drops of water. The entire water supply to this system is controlled with the help of a deluge valve which operates electrically actuated solenoid valve as the water pressure is released. As soon as the fire is detected , this system is automatically operated and deluge valves is opened which permits the projectors to release water in the form of spray, which in turn cuts the supply of oxygen and stops fire.


  • It is used in oil based system with low flash points
  • Stops fire immediately while preventing it from spreading over a large area.
  • Fire losses are usually kept low and reduce downtime.
  • High flexibility in designs, installation and implementation.